Monday, December 13, 2010


on the horizon of a fading sunset
this moment i cannot explain
like melted ice i cannot contain
this moment..
that i thought about you..
i wished and introspected..
that this wistful thinking would last.
that this moment would linger on...
birds of paradise flew by..
their arches containing faded sunlight..
my wistful thinking contains some foolish magic..
my face glows in some cold warmth..
of fading sunlight.
a golden glow which never was of my own..
some fragment of peace i never felt..
something lost, yet never found.
this moment is a calm i cannot explain..
the rugged sand wears off now
only diamonds now remain.
about a time from this moment
this moment will be gone.
but i still live and try pretend..
that this moment would linger on.
and i will wait to find...
if this will last forever..
and i will pay no mind..
it cannot, it just cant and..
its not suposed to..
not supposed to linger on.
so much wasted into the afternoon,
so much lost in the after tune.,
so much found in the afterglow.
yet i turn inside out at your gaze
and now let me explain..
that i will wait to find..
if this will last forever.
like this sunset i cannot stop from fading..
like the melting ice i cannot contain.
like the time i cannot hold onto .
i still would not let go of..
this moment i cannot contain.
my wistful thinking still imagines..
that this moment would linger on.
if you would but give me a chance.
if you would but give me a promise.
that you would wait..
yet time would stop at no persuasion.
maybe you should let go if you cannot hold on to.
and let me hold on ...
if you cannot hold on to..
or if your hands are course, tired and bleeding..
of relentless long waits of anxiousness
let me hold on now.
because i will wait to find..
if this will last forever.
and i will pay no mind..
never worry about the rain or the tide..
or even the melting snow which i cannot contain..
or even the arched pelicans of the setting sun..
or even the next sunset which would never be the same again..
or even the time which my grip cannot withstand..
and i will waste no time..
no time to hold onto this moment..
and keep it lingering on for you..
-ansh nivesatyan


dUnCe said...

ya i've gone thru this awesome composition.
nobody knows ur feelings better than me
i got the content of this poem.
n i can only feel the intensity,i can't write or explain it.
i loved ur creation.

kirti katiyar said...

I loved u, love u n will love forever........nobody can stop me from loving u.